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Teenagers face an onslaught of brands via social media, while parents struggle to keep pace with evolving platforms and beauty trends. Despite their sophistication as buyers influenced by influencers, there are limited resources for treating teenage skin.

Boys may leap from basic hygiene to potent medical products with significant side effects, bypassing simple, sustained skincare routines. The online sphere poses dangers for older teens, with unregulated markets promoting bodybuilding steroids and lacking safe spaces for discussing risks, side effects, or holistic well-being amidst intense imagery and pressure.

Our industry-informed sessions provide teenagers with the tools to navigate and make informed choices about skincare and well-being. We examine the appeal of the beauty industry, address concerns about mismatched brands, and potential product overuse.

Our program focuses on what young skin needs, taking a 360-degree approach to skincare and advising on when to start a skincare regime. Nutrition and natural, holistic methods are core to our values, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating habits during this formative stage.

Our goal is to empower adolescents to make informed decisions and help them develop a healthy relationship with food, skin, and their bodies that endures into adulthood. We strive to empower teenagers and their parents to engage in open discussions about managing skin health, understanding hormonal influences, product effectiveness, and brands for sensitive young skin.

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“Annabel Jardella is THE specialist in cover up and camouflage makeup, whether it’s for concealing serious disfigurement or simply the dark circles and blemishes that bother so many of us.”

Alice Hart-Davis

Founder of thetweakmentsguide.com

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